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We respect copyright. Part of photo materials used on the website belong to their respective owners.
Our team was granted the written permission for the use of these photo materials on the website.


Musical compositions presented on the website were legally purchased and downloaded from www.allofmp3.com music portal, and are provided in a short version for demonstrational and educational purposes. Compositions used:

  • ATB — «The First Tones»
  • ATB and Enigma — «Enigmatic Encounter»
  • Enigma — «Page of Cups»
  • Fifth Element — «Diva Dance»
  • Robert Miles — «Children»
  • Rod Dougan — «Clubbed to Death»
  • Talkie Walkie — «Alone in Kyoto»
  • The Chemical Brothers — «Marvo Ging»
  • The Chemical Brothers — «Shake Break Bounce»
  • William Orbit — «Sea Green»
  • Zino and Tommy — «Aint Feel Nothing»
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