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As every other culture, cyberculture has its own distinct peculiarities and has been growing in different directions: cinematograph, cartoons, music, arts. In fact, these were books and movies where cyberspace and cyberpunk existed in the past.

Cyberpunk movies

Cyberpunk movies play the great role in the development of the world of cyberculture. Tragic and ironic cyberpunk movies proclaim the demonic, unification of soul and machine. The movies like «Matrix», «Terminator» and «Lawnmower Man» is nothing else but cyberpunk.

Covers of favourite cyberpunk genre movies

Cyberpunk anime
Popular cyberpunk-anime movie titles

Cyberpunk genre has also come to the world of anime, fans of which become more and more people every day. The main characters of cyberpunk anime are cyborgs. The main problematic of these movies-cartoons is that the cyborgs, created by humans, become the dregs of society; however, they still have their own feelings and willingness to help people.


In VR land the future of fun
Tell me what to do in VR law
Computer crime, um, so sublime
A fantasy scene in my machine
Give me secret of life
Let me know, yeah, what I am
And you know that I could get
Outta the wasteland
Composition «Wasteland» from
Billy Idol's album «Cyberpunk»

Mysterious and plain, calm and psychedelic («cyberdelic»), easy-listening and irritating, relaxing and one that gets you worked up cybermusic is an extensive one, music for all tastes. As it befits the digital music, cybermusic is mostly electronically synthesised: The Chemical Brothers, Enigma, Robert Miles, ATB.

Billy Idol attracted public's attention with the release of his album «Cyberpunk». Musical artist has «tickled» people's expectations about the new cyberpunk music style. However, it seems to be that his work was nothing else but just about a quick commercial trick as his further works were never connected with this album.

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